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Warranties from is officially registered and operates legally. All warranties are outlined in the public offering agreement, the status of which is determined by Using the services of the website, the client automatically accepts the terms of the contract – offers. guarantees all our customers:

  • Confidentiality – Your data is securely protected;
  • High uniqueness;
  • The author works with the required degree of originality of the work;
  • Compatibility with the requirements of the university;
  • Execution of works following the specified requirements and tasks;
  • Adherence to the deadlines set by the client;
  • Execution of works under clearly defined conditions. guarantees free execution of tasks under the initial defined conditions.

Principles of cooperation with

The main principle of is to write exclusive author’s diplomas and term papers, abstracts, tests and abstracts, and much more. When writing student papers, specialists use the latest sources of information (books, articles, magazines, archival data) and the current legal framework. does not use ready-made free works from the Internet.

The percentage of the originality of each work is individual depending on the requirements. Scientific articles, electronic versions of books, laws, information from electronic dictionaries, and resources from official government sources are not plagiarized.

Compliance with all methodological conditions

All work performed, which is written on, meets all the conditions you have set. Each work is checked by the editor for errors, structural and thematic compliance. Effective protection requires not only the execution of the order but also your participation. Therefore, we recommend that you read it carefully before continuing to defend your thesis so that by talking to the teacher, you can adequately answer his questions. is not responsible for any teacher bias or inappropriate refusal to accept the job.

Any changes are made only after verification by the teacher and in writing. Claims are not accepted orally. The minimum time is two days.

Scheme of work:

  • Fill out the order form on to determine the cost of the project;
  • Your approval and prepayment of 50%;
  • Order processing if necessary;
  • Read part of the completed order;
  • 100% payment and receipt by the client of full-fledged work;
  • Successful job protection.

In the case of teacher comments, guarantees that the tasks will be performed free of charge, but only if the requirements to be met do not exceed the initial requirements (eg, change of topic, plan, tasks, the introduction of a new department). If the requirements exceed the initial conditions, the processing is not performed or paid for. If the student does not provide guidelines, after completing the task he will have to perform essay writer free of charge work related to the appearance of guidelines, in which case, this academic work will be performed for an additional fee. So be careful when ordering work. Provide all the necessary information to the author of before writing the work.